Welcome to the Newell Highway

Travel the Newell Highway - The provider of so many wonderful experiences. Where else in Australia can you see animals from around the world enjoying the luxury of roaming in spacious areas, other than at Western Plains Zoo? For stargazers seeking extraterrestrial life, the astronomy world plays an integral role and there are numerous observatories on the Newell Highway.

Nature lovers gain an excellent insight from the many national parks, which lead into a desire for more information. There is so much to offer in the country areas of Australia and especially using the Newell as a pathway to lead you to new and memorable experiences. We invite you to taste the fruits of the ever increasing wine industry which, when matched with our local produce, results in cuisine enjoyed in style and elegance right along the Newell.

The map in our brochure shows a direct route and alternate ways to experience new wonders from areas such as South Australia, Tasmania, Victoria, New South Wales, Queensland and return. Which ever direction you are travelling, the Newell brochure will provide you with the town information you require. This publication also extends the highway into central and northern Queensland through a cooperative partnership with the Leichhardt Highway.

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Newell Highway
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